Published 2022, Amazon Prohub

The book, ‘The body nobody believed’ was conceived after Isobel had endured years of disbelief as to her many health symptoms from the medical profession. Although Isobel had tried to turn such negatives into more positive self-help type books she wanted to tell her story completely ‘raw’ and so she turned to the academic model of ‘Narrative Medicine’ – story telling in medicine- and wanted to tell her story much more directly without numerous academic quotes, although she gives an initial academic explanation for this type of work, and there are related quotes throughout the book, but this book is a non-fiction story/memoir and starts in a way that shocked even Knight herself which she described as a ‘deliberate shock tactic’. The book is divided into bodily systems as chapters and then all that Isobel has experienced is gone through into detail, at times deeply graphical, even shocking and at times even disturbing (self-harm). Throughout the book we see Isobel at all ages from as a young child to the present day, and we can only intimate that the story is far from over.

Having read many of the doctors and nurses accounts of the NHS, Isobel Knight decided to write her own account, however she has achieved far more than experience of hospital, but provides great details of her many chronic medical conditions and the fight that she has had to be believed and to get the help she so badly needed. This book couldn’t come at a better time when the NHS is stretched to the very limits and with the massive changes our country faces in the face of Post-Brexit and Covid. Isobel tells the story of her body and all that she has endured. She aims her book at the general population at large, she expects many with health problems will find it particularly resonates. Isobel also hopes that the book reaches all medical professionals from Healthcare assistants through to physiotherapists, psychotherapists, doctors, nurses surgeons and even MPs.

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